October Jones and Fish with Legs would be nothing without the amazing team of producers, actors, designers and musicians making it all come together! 


Brianna Bagshaw-Stocks


Emma Brayley

Station Guard, Demooter

Zoë Bujold

Fish with Legs, Cherry Blossom, Bees in a Trench Coat, Leipaya Elf, Additional Voices

Alexander Cruz

Manfred Splainer, Salmon, Turtle, Additional Voices
Contact: Instagram / Twitter

Erin Dunlop

October 19th 104 Jones, Wee Little Nina Nera

Aaron Feldman

Hoppin’ Hood, Additional Voices

Tyson Fraleigh

Abraham Kadabraham, Rhino with a Tree for a Horn, Buster Fly, Creature Effects

Takeshi Fukushima

Sarfunkel, Dragonfly Guy, Green Elf

Hannah Jack Halcro

Misty Rius
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Adam Honigman

Habi Nera

Sarah Krnjevic

March 14th 97 Jones
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Jordan Lahmy

Crab Crab M.D.

Dexter Lavery-Callender

Simon, Orange Elf, Muscular Giraffe, Additional Voices

Elisabeth Nyveen

Narrator, Additional Voices
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Matias Rittatore

Mario Nera, Cpl. Dadson, Marshall Train

Cheyenne Schaub-Ruiz

Elven Maiden, Dr. Steffi Scope, Papaya Elfman, Blue Elf, Abby Pawsitive

Pavlo Tull

Karl von Not-a-Vampir


Zoë Bujold

Producer, Art Team Lead, Website Team

Alexander Cruz

Contact: Instagram / Twitter

Erin Dunlop

Art Team

Dexter Lavery-Callender

Writer, Sound Editor, Producer, Director, Showrunner

Elisabeth Nyveen

Writer, Sound Editor, Producer, Art Team, Website Team, Director
Contact: Twitter /

Matias Rittatore

Website Team Lead